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Repair Slow Computer and Speed Up Your Windows Operating System

Slow computer problems can come from one of many or several different problems. Fortunately, all of these troubles can be repaired autimatically!

As a PC repair person, the four questions I am asked most by computer owners  are:

“Why has my computer slowed down so drastically?
Why does my computer pop up error messages?” and...
“Is there anything I can do to get my computer back to its old self?”
"How can I speed up Windows?"

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There are three possible reasons a PC will slowdown and commit errors.  However, none of these reasons are due to any problem with the computer itself. The trouble that usually causes computers to become slow and develop performance issues, such as frequent crashing and error message pop-ups, is a problem with the operating system. It would be very unusual if the cause of slow computer performance turned out to be a bad RAM stick or a bad microprocessor. When tracking down the culprit causing computers to behave badly we often look to the following:

First, there could be spyware present in the PC.  If you have a spyware cleaner that is something other than an old, cheap or free, and you have been using it regularly, your PC problems are probably not due to spyware. However, if you need a free spyware scan to see if you have parasites present in your system, I recommend you get one very soon. The reason Spyware/Malware slows down a computer is Malware is aMalware type of software and software uses computer resourses when it is running. Spyware/Malware is always running in the background when it is present. More details on getting a Free Spyware Scan in a moment...

Secondly, there could be registry corruption in the Windows operating system.  Registry corruption causes more computer slow downs than anything else. Corruption builds up in a Windows registry unprovoked and without warning. This will raise havoc with a computer's performance! It does so because it tells the operating system to do things that are counterproductive. This wastes the computer's time and makes it appear as if the computer is slow. The best antidote for this is to get a free registry scan. More on this in a moment, too...

Thirdly, is the possibility of a mismatched or out dated device.  We usually don't look here until we are sure there is no registry corruption or spyware.  However, a problem driver wll cause the same exact troubles registry corruption will and Spyware/Malware will, without actually spying on you, of course.

Namely, the problem a bad driver will cause will be a slow, poor performing computer. The point is; if you believe your computer may have a driver mismatch or a bad driver you can get a free driver scan with the same piece of software that will scan your PC for registry corruption and Spyware/Malware!

Yes, that's right! You no longer need a Spyware/Malware cleaner and a registry cleaner and a driver scanner/updater. We now have one piece of software that does it all. You can now get a free computer scan with PC Health Advisor and it will scan for Malware/Spyware, registry corruption and bad, missing or outdated drivers!

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Back to the question "Is there anything I can do to get my computer back to its old self?" Yes, there sure is! In fact, now it is easier than it ever has been before.

Through the years, I have changed by recommendations on how to keep a computer up to speed. I have done so a few times. Of course, I have always recommended people keep spyware, malware and viruses out of their computer. Even though these things steal resources and slow down the computer, the big issue with spyware, malware and viruses is they can steal information about you and this will hurt you while it is destroying your computer.

XML TechThere was a time registry cleaners were unavailable. When some one's registry needed to be cleaned I, or another technician, would have to do it manually. Cleaning a registry manually was a lot of work. It was also something that came with a certain amount risk because if it was improperly done, it could ruin the operating system altogether.

If this happened you would have no other choice but to re-install Windows. When you did you would lose all your information that was saved to the hard drive. Of course, you would only have lost some time if you had been backing up your files everyday.

Registry Corruption Used To Go Unnoticed Until It Was Too Late

Fortunately, registry corruption in older operating systems, such as Windows 95 and Windows 98, was not nearly as big a problem as it is today. The reason for this is everything was a lot smaller back then. With today's huge files, registries have to be kept in perfect condition or the computer will suffer significant slowdowns.

Many times, the solution in one of these older computers was, as we elluded to before, to reinstall the Windows operating system altogether. Perhaps you have had that done to one of your older computers as it was a very common process. Other times, if the computer was three or four years old, people might have decided it was time to get a new higher powered computer. Bring on that spanking new Pentium II!!!

You Used To Have To Do It All Yourself!

Until recently, upgrading a driver was done 100% manually. This meant you would have to surf the web for the exact right driver, download it and then manually install it. Probably an even bigger stumbling block to this process was finding out which driver was causing problems your computer was experiencing. In fact, many times people would stumble around for months trying to find exactly what the problem with their computer was before they actually found the driver that was behind it all.

Now, we are very fortunate we have PC Health Advisor! It scans for all types of malware; it scans for registry corruption and also outdated, bad and missing drivers. If it finds any of this stuff, it can clean it all up. It cleans malware in minutes, registry corruption even more quickly than that and though device drivers need to be installed individually, PC Health Advisor will find which ones need to be installed, download new ones for you and allow you to install them one by one just by clicking a button.

IT Dept HeadRunning an office with over 100 computers means I've got to know how to keep a lot of computers up to speed. Thanks PC Health Advisor!
Nancy Lindley


One Piece Of Software

So, you can see my job of keeping yourcomputer running fast has become very easy. In fact, you can do the whole thing yourself! All you need to do, as the first step at least, is get a free scan with PC Health Advisor. Even if you need a malware/spyware cleaner and a registry cleaner and a device driver updater, you now only need one piece of software!

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Note: PC Health Advisor Is Compatible With Windows 7, Vista And XP Both 32 and 64-bit!

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